Admission and Dismissal Policies and Procedures

A major concern of all of us in the Brown family is the safety of our children. Because we care about all of our children and because of the fire regulations, we are asking that you adhere to the following admission and dismissal policies and procedures. At no time are parents ever to wait in the hallway on the first floor. This creates congestion and confusion. Parents are to wait outside for their children during inclement weather. During inclement weather the kindergarten children will be dismissed from the classroom. All of the other children will be dismissed to the yard. Please arrange to meet your child at a designated area in the yard.

1. At the 8:30 a.m. bell children are to line up in the school yard at their designated locations. They will be escorted into the building by their teachers. No child is to arrive at school (in the building) before 8:30 a.m. If he / she is on the breakfast program, he / she may enter the cafeteria at 8:15 a.m. no earlier.

2. Kindergarten
During inclement weather in the morning all kindergarten children are to go to the lunchroom – no sooner than 8:15 a.m. Parents must stay with their children until the teacher picks them up because no supervision can be provided. At no time are parents ever to wait in the hallway on the first floor.

3. Grades 1-6 and Special Education
During inclement weather days all children in grades 2 – 6 and special education are to report to the auditorium and sit in their assigned seats no sooner than 8:15 a.m. If an adult escorts a child ( grades 1-6 and special education) to school, the child must be dropped off in the auditorium. The adult is not to stay with the child. Proper supervision will be provided by school personnel. At no time are parents ever to wait in the hallway on the first floor.

These procedures are absolutely necessary due to the extreme over-crowdedness in the auditorium. With adults and children standing in the aisles a fire safety hazard is created. In accordance with fire safety regulations all aisles and hallways must be kept clear.

4. Pupils are late after 8:45 a.m.

Grades 1-6 and special education students will be dismissed to the yard at 3:09 p.m. every day.
Kindergarten classes will be dismissed at 3:09 p.m. everyday. The parents should arrive promptly at 3:09 p.m (no sooner than 3:00 p.m.) so that the child can be safely escorted home.

School Closings
During emergency weather conditions, please stay tuned to KY News Radio (1060 AM) or local television stations for information about school closings. Please do not call the school.
Please be certain that your child knows where to go in case of an emergency or early school closing. Complete the Emergency Closing Form.
Dress Code Policy
School is a place of learning that prepares us for life and work. Most businesses expect their employees to come to work properly dressed. Brown School wishes to instill this concept of appropriate attire for school and work in its students. In order to accomplish this please adhere to our mandatory school uniform policy.
The School Board has adopted a citywide mandatory school uniform policy. All of the staff members and parents on the Brown School Council and the Forrest Home and School Association have agreed upon the following mandatory school uniform policy for J. H. Brown School:

Pants (for boys and girls): solid navy blue or Khaki
Skirt (knee length): solid navy blue or Khaki
Jumper (knee length): solid navy blue or Khaki
Shirt (for boys and girls): solid light blue or dark blue with collar ( short or long sleeve)
The shirt can be a dress shirt or a polo shirt.
Sweater: (optional): solid light or navy blue. The sweater can be crew neck, v-neck or cardigan.
On the days the children have physical education (gym) the following attire may be worn:
Sweatpants (for boys and girls): solid navy blue
Gym Shorts Worn Under Sweatpants (optional): solid navy blue. If a child is wearing gym shorts under his/her sweatpants, he/she may remove the sweatpants only during the physical education period. The rest of the day the sweatpants must be worn.
Shirt: solid navy blue sweatshirt or the everyday blue uniform shirt.
No writing or pictures of any kind are permitted on any article of clothing except the words “J. H. Brown School,” if you wish.